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Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team
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Objective #1 What tasks might a CCDART emergent volunteer perform in an emergency shelter?
Objective #2 Name the 6 regional co-shelters in Barnstable County:
Objective #3 Name which 5 shelters CCDART has been tasked with supplying a pet component:
Objective #4 Prepare your own "Go-Kit" and name 5 items in that kit:
Objective #5 Do you ever Self-Deploy?
  Yes No
Objective #6 What is the CCDART Chain of Command in an emergency shelter?
Objective #7 Name 3 of CCDART's Partners on the BCREPC:
Objective #8 Proper Radio etiquette:
  When receiving a call?
  When sending a call?
Objective #9 What do the Federal Pets Act of 2006 and the Mass Pets Act of 2014 mean?
  Federal Pets Act of 2006:
  Mass Pets Act of 2014:
Objective #10 Completion of FEMA ICS 100/700.
When you are done with all the objectives, please click on the "Submit" button below. This training is not
pass/fail, but mainly designed to let CCDART know that you have completed the training process.
It also enables us to assess the effectiveness of our online and in-person training programs.